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Special services hide another escape from the pre-trial detention center


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Another state of emergency has occurred in the prison system of Tajikistan: an accused of robbery escaped from the Dushanbe pre-trial detention center. The escape was made on August 19, but it became known only on August 29, when one of the employees of the pre-trial detention center was detained.

Back in 2007, a robbery was committed in the Dangara region, during which a large sum was stolen. Suspicion fell on Akhmadbek Saidov, a native of the village of Tajikabad in the Vakhsh region, but the latter managed to escape and leave Tajikistan.

All this time, as the investigation found out, he was in Russia, where he was detained this summer. Saidov was deported to Tajikistan in early August and immediately placed in the Dushanbe pre-trial detention center.

Two weeks later, he managed to escape from the pre-trial detention center, however, the institution’s administration did not make this case public, hoping to “quietly” detain the fugitive.

The authorities still do not comment on this emergency, only photographs of the escaped prisoner appeared on the streets in the settlements of the Khatlon region.

According to the results of the initial check, an employee of the pre-trial detention center Idibek Mukhtodzhev was detained, who, as the investigation found out, the day before the escape let the detainee talk on the phone with an unidentified person.

“Such “secrecy” is connected with the personality of the head of the Main Directorate for the Execution of Punishments, who represents the state security agencies, and who, in turn, would not want another “error” to be known in the country. After all, then there will definitely be some analytical mind who will say that the famous escape in 2010 of 25 prisoners was also from the pre-trial detention center of the State Committee for National Security, ”said one of the former law enforcement officers who participated in the operation to detain escaped dangerous criminals on anonymous terms.

“Localism is very common in Tajikistan, and as far as I can tell, Saidov, like Mukhtodzhev, are, so to speak, “countrymen”, and in this case, this circumstance also played a certain role in organizing the escape,” the former employee continued. – “But I think that the fugitive should be taken, if, of course, he did not manage to cross the border into Afghanistan.

Source: ACCA Media


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