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European Council President notes importance of involving Latin American, African and Central Asian countries in implementation of Zelensky’s Peace Formula


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President of the European Council Charles Michel has said that the countries of the whole world should be involved in the implementation of the Peace Formula proposed by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, noting the importance of the participation of Latin American, African and Central Asian states.

Michel said in an interview with reporters that in December at the European Council they agreed with the initiative, which was a good step because it shows the political will of Ukraine, and this is extremely important.

According to him, they specifically discussed with the President of Ukraine the Peace Formula proposed by him, to the implementation of which it is important to involve the whole world.

Michel explained that it is not enough to involve the EU, or the United States, or even the G7, it is also important to interact with Latin America, Africa and Central Asia so that these countries are involved in protecting the rules-based international order, in protecting internationally recognized borders.

The President of the European Council stressed that he hopes that 2023 will be the year of victory for Ukraine, but for this it is important to continue to support the people of Ukraine.

He expressed hope that 2023 will be the year of victory and peace, but for this, it is important that Ukraine has the support that Ukrainians need and deserve. And added that it is important for the EU to give a clear signal that they are with Ukraine for as long as it takes.

Speaking about the payments of subsequent tranches of macro-financial assistance from the EU, Michel noted that the EU learned lessons from last year, when it took a lot of time.

He explained that everything is very clear with payments, they will be announced monthly. According to him, they realized last year that they needed to learn lessons. In 2022, they made some decisions, then dragged out the time before they could pay, which created ambiguities for the Ukrainian authorities, which is not good.

Therefore, as the President of the European Council noted, the EU Council approved a decision on macro-financial assistance to Ukraine for 2023 in the amount of EUR 18 billion with monthly payments.

Michel added that this means that the prime minister, the president, know exactly what kind of support they will receive in 2023 from the EU, which according to the EU Council President is the right approach.

Source : Interfax


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