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Larry Madowo’s ‘Free Money’ documentary goes to Netflix


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International journalist Larry Madowo has announced that the controversial NGO documentary ‘Free Money,’ which he has been a part of for the past five years, is now available for streaming on Netflix.

The documentary offers an in-depth exploration of the impact of the US nonprofit organization ‘GiveDirectly,’ which has been sending money to a village in Nyanza, Kenya, every month with the aim of improving the living standards of the local impoverished population.

Madowo, who joined the project after production had already commenced, took to social media to share the news while asking viewers to ponder on the question; “Is it ok for an American NGO to run a cash experiment on poor Africans?”

“Our documentary ‘Free Money,’ filmed over 5 years, is now on Netflix Africa! See what happens when everyone in a Kenyan village receives free cash every month,” Madowo wrote.

Madowo also praised the documentary’s direction, stating, “It’s a revealing look at universal basic income, brilliantly directed by Lauren DeFilippo and Sam Soko.”

GiveDirectly, a US non-profit organization, initiated this unique experiment as part of its broader mission to disrupt global poverty by providing direct cash assistance to those in need.

Source: K24 Tv


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